Vida Activa Recompensas

Because an active life deserves reward

Complete your daily achievements in steps, calories, active time/floors climbed to earn FITpoints.
Convert your FITpoints to FITtoken (FIT), the real fitness utility token that rewards you for your physical activity.
Accumulate more FIT to earn more or exchange your FIT for Bitcoin, ETH or €.




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Daily goal:
500 FITpoints

Reach your daily activity goals
and get 500 FITpoints

Objetivo Actividad diaria

15.000 steps
200 FITpoints

Objetivo Kcal activas

900 active Kcal 
450 active Kcal 
200 FITpoints

Objetivo pisos y cardio diarios

20 Floors (iOs)
30 Min over + 110 bpm (Android)
100 FITpoints

Wereable Just move it

"Just move"

Fittoken Move automatically connects to the apps you are already using. Simply move and/or start a session on your favorite fitness app and start earning!

Fittoken Move is not just another step tracking app.

Fittoken Move you just need to connect the application of your wereable (mobile, watch, ring...) to Apple Health or Google Fit to read your steps, floors, active calories, distance traveled of your favorite activity, heart rate...Fittoken Move Fittoken Move will synchronize the data and calculate its own algorithms to give you FITpoints nd be rewarded for it.

Fittoken Move
Apple Health
Google Fit
Garmin Connect
Sports Tracker
Fit Bit

Multiply your earnings with the challenges

Fittoken Move and many other brands have prepared specific challenges where you will be rewarded for meeting the goals set for physical activity, from sports brands for using their products, to health insurers that reward you for being active, to FITNESS centers that value your physical activity or popular races that track your optimal preparation for the day of the competition.

Vida Activa Recompensas


Convert your FITpoints into FITtoken. The fitness token that pays you for your physical activity.

Enter your metamask wallet and transform your FITpoints into FITtoken (FIT). FITtoken is the FITNESS reference utility token born in 2021. A token that runs on the Polygon network. You can get FIT in 2 ways:

Booster Energy

With the Energy Booster. For every 100 Energy Booster points you can earn up to 1 FIT per day.

Staking Move

Placing FITs in Staking Move, a smart contract that allows you to earn new FITs. 500 FIT are mined daily for Staking Move. The more FIT percentage you have and the longer they have been inside Staking Move, the more FIT you can earn daily.

You will be able to claim every week the FITs earned daily and use them to earn more rewards or exchange them for Bitcoin, ETH or $.

Level up to boost your profits

The more FIT you have in Staking Move, the higher level you can reach, thus boosting your profits.

Staking Move Basic Basic
Staking Move Bronze Bronze
Staking Move Silver Silver
Staking Move Gold Gold

Staking Move Levels

Info staking
From 300 FIT - 2% of your referrals
From 3.000 FIT - 3% of your referrals - Monthly challenges
From 15.000 FIT - 5% of your referrals - Monthly challenges - Premium challenges

Earn FIT with your friends' and family's activity

Fittoken Move allows you to earn not only from your daily physical activity, but you can earn up to 5% of what your network earns.

How can I earn from my referrals?

All you have to do is invite your friends and family and have bronze level or higher and you can earn up to 5% of the benefits of your direct contacts.

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