To connect your Wereable (watch, bracelet, ring...) the only thing you have to do is to give permissions to Google Fit or Apple Health to read the data from your device.

In the case of Apple:
If your wereable is Apple branded you should have no problem to synchronize it, but you must have in addition to the App "Apple Health", an application called "Fitness".
Fitness is an app developed by Apple that is only compatible with devices whose release date is not less than 6 years old. That is to say with an iPhone 6 you will not be able to install the Fitness app and that means that you will lose some features such as activities.

In the case of Android:
It is essential to have Google Fit installed on your mobile.
There are two possible scenarios, that your device sends the data to Google Fit directly, or that they use their own private App.
If your case is the first one, you just have to make sure you have installed the Google Fit App on your mobile and check that your activity data appears there.
If your case is the second one, you will have to access the app on your device and grant permissions:

In the case of Samsung it will be Samsung Health
In the case of Garmin you will need Garmin Connect.
In the case of Xiaomi it will be Mi Fit.
If your device is manufactured in 2021 onwards, despite having its own App it will have the option to link with "Connected Health" an app developed by Google that allows bridge connection between Google Fit and the application of the manufacturer of the wereable.
In the case of being a device prior to that date or not having "Connected Health" you may have to look for a solution in third-party applications.
The app we have seen that works with many devices is Healthsync, especially with Garming, Huawei and Fitbit (it has only a one-time price of $3).
If you have not managed to link your device with Google Fit or Health Connected Health or Healthsync, as a recommendation we can offer you to search on the manufacturer's website or in forums where other users have had the same need.

To open your METAMASK wallet you just need to download the METAMASK extension in your browser and follow the instructions.
Once opened and with the seed phrase well stored in your possession and never inside your computer or mobile, you must add the POLYGON NETWORK in ADD NETWORK, since FITtoken runs on the Polygon Network.

P.S: You can find a video tutorial when you download METAMASK, listen to it carefully (it is translated into English).

You will be able to raise your LEVEL by placing FIT in "Staking Move".
By leveling up you will be able to receive a % of the earnings of your REFERRALS, participate in FITtoken CHALLENGES, access the physical activity summary chart...and many more advantages that we will include progressively.
Upgrade your LEVEL by placing your FIT through this link:


You will have BOOSTER energy when you register, but it will last only a few days.
Thanks to the Booster Energy you will be able to convert your FITpoints into FITtoken.
You will earn up to 1 FIT per day for every 100 Boosters.
If the day before you achieved 500 FITpoints and you have 1,000 Boosters, you will earn 10 FIT. If 2 days ago you achieved 250 FITpoints, with the same 1,000 Boosters you will earn half, that is 5 FIT. 
You can recharge more energy through this link:

You can increase your earnings by placing your FITs, earned by rewards or purchased, in "Staking Move".
All you have to do is access the staking move area of the FITtoken Dapp and deposit your FITs.
Access Staking Move through this link:
EVERY TIME YOU ADD FIT TO STAKING MOVE, THE APPLICATION WILL NOT REFLECT YOUR FIT (amount, % pool, new level) UNTIL THE NEXT DAY (as long as you do it before 23:00 hours, otherwise, it will be reflected after 2 days).
Remember that you must connect your wallet and have some MATIC (as gas to interact with the blockchain), although the commissions are a few cents of $ on the Polygon network.

Every Wednesday the rewards of the previous week are distributed (FITtoken accumulated in Pending Rewards).
If you have a decentralized wallet (METAMASK...) claiming the previous week's rewards is very easy, you just need to enter the FITTOKEN.IO web3.

Once you log in and connect your wallet to the Polygon network, you will be able to access your rewards in FIT by clicking on the CLAIM button of Staking Move or by clicking on the top right button in the shape of a medal, where a pop-up box will open with all your rewards achieved in Fittoken Move.

By CLAIMING your rewards, you will be able to interact with the "Smart Contract" and take the earned FITs to your wallet.
Click this link to access FITTOKEN.IO
Try to open the application at least once a week (Monday is ideal to close the previous week), because when you open the application, the sessions of previous days are closed (at most 15 previous days are tracked) and in this way the previous week is closed, assigning the FITtoken to the Pending Rewards section.
If you open the wallet after the weekly rewards distribution on Wednesdays, your FITs will go to pending rewards and will be distributed the following week.

If you want to convert your FITpoints into more FITtoken and get more incentives for your Physical Activity, you can buy FIT with your credit card.
Access the purchase area of the FITtoken DApp and follow the simple steps to get your FIT.

Due to the Physical Activity you perform, you can achieve up to 500 FITpoints per day.
You must complete the daily activity goal in 3 different aspects:

1- STEPS: You will get 200 FITpoints when you reach 15,000 steps/day. Once you reach 5,000 steps you will start accumulating 1 FITpoint for every 50 steps until you reach 15,000 steps/day.
2- ACTIVITY (Kcal): You will get 200 FITpoints when you reach 900 Kcal/day if you are a man and 450 Kcal/day if you are a woman. If you are a man, once you reach 450 Kcal you will start to accumulate 1 FITpoint for every 2.25 Kcal until you reach 900 Kcal. If you are a woman, once you reach 225 Kcal you will start to accumulate 1 FITpoint for every 1.12 Kcal until you reach 450 Kcal.
3- FLOOR (IOS)/CARDIO (Android): You will get 100 FITpoints when you reach 20 floors/day if you have IOS or 30 minutes cardio (activity at more than 110BPM) if you have Android. If you have an IOS, once you reach 5 floors/day you will start accumulating 6.66 FITpoints for each floor you climb until you reach 20 floors/day. If you have an Android once you reach 10 daily active minutes at over 110 BPM you will start accumulating 5 FITpoints for every minute you perform at over 110 BPM until you reach 30 minutes.
Fittoken Move can track activity performed up to15 days prior to opening the App.
Unfortunately, if you take more than 15 days to open the App, you may lose all information and FITpoints prior to those 15 days. For this reason, we recommend that you open the application at least once a week.

You can convert your FITpoints into FITtoken (FIT) in 2 different but not mutually exclusive ways, i.e. you can convert your FITpoints into FIT simultaneously in both ways.

The Energy Booster allows you to get up to 1 FIT per day for every 100 Energy Boosters you have. But be careful, you will only get that FIT if you get 500 FITpoints that day. If another day you reach, for example, only 200 FITpoints you will get 0.4 FIT. Get it?
You will get Booster Energy just by registering, but be careful, it runs out. Luckily, if you want, you can recharge the Booster Energy you consider convenient.

Up to 500 FITtoken are mined daily from Stakin Move.
If you place FITtoken in "Staking Move", you can get energy from Staking. Every time you deposit FIT in this "smart contract", you will see in your application that this amount of FIT represents a % of the pool. You will also see that the Staking time starts to advance (from 0 days to 270 days). 
You will convert the FITpoints you achieve each day according to the percentage of the pool and the time the FITs have been in Staking Move that day. For example, if one day you reach 500 FITpoints and you have 1% of the pool and 0 days of Stakin Move, you would receive 0.5% of those 500 FIT mined, that is, 2.5 FIT (approximately, since 5% is deducted for the referral system). If later you reach those 500 FITpoints but you already have the full time bar (270 or more days) you would receive that 1%, that is, 5 FIT approximately (since you have to deduct the 5% for the referral system), but if the next day you achieve only 250 FITpoints, with that 1% of the pool, you would receive half (since you have only achieved half of your daily goal). Do you get it?
Every time you place FIT in Stakin Move, the timer does NOT stop, it keeps adding days. It ONLY STARTS at "0" if you withdraw FIT or unlink your wallet.

The rewards are not generated in the current day because we must give a margin to receive all the information from Apple Health and Google Fit.
When opening the app the next day, the previous days will be closed and the rewards will be calculated in the following hours. It is not an instant process so patience is required.
For those who have a wereable that has its own platform such as "Samsung Health", "Garmin connect", etc. should be aware that the platforms take time to send information to each other and that is why we give a margin of a few hours the next day.

*From Fittoken Move we are not responsible if your wereable takes longer than it should to send data to Google Fit and Apple Health. Fittoken Move only reads the latter two and that is why everything must be previously adjusted by the user.
Try to open the application at least once a week (Monday is ideal to close the previous week), because when you open the application, the sessions of previous days are closed (at most 15 previous days are tracked) and thus closes the previous week, assigning the FITtoken to the Pending Rewards section.
If you open the wallet after the weekly rewards distribution on Wednesdays, your FITs will go to pending rewards and will be distributed the following week.

With Fittoken Move you can earn FITtoken thanks to the activity of your friends and family.
The way the referral system works is very simple.
In the App menu you will see a section where you can invite your contacts, you just have to send the link (which includes your personal code) to your contacts by the way you want (email, whatsup, telegram, twitter, Linkeding,...).
Your network of contacts will expand as they register with your invitation link. The network of contacts is NOT MULTILEVEL, that is, you only have as referrals your direct contacts.
In order to start earning FITtoken for the activity of your referrals, you must be at least BRONZE LEVEL, which means that you must have placed at least 300 FIT in Staking Move. 
If you are Bronze level you will earn 2% of the FIT earned by your referrals (only the FIT earned by Staking Move and not by Booster Energy count), if you are Silver level you will earn 3% of the FIT earned by your referrals and if you are Gold level, you will earn 5% of the FIT earned by your referrals.
You can see the details in the "REWARDS" area of the APP.